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Directed by Eskil Vogt

Norway, 2014

Cornerhouse, 2 April 2015


Vogt wrote the screenplay for Trier’s enigmatic Oslo, August 31st a while back and Blind, his directorial debut, is another trying, testing film – still, it is one that’s well worth sticking with.

The fears of a woman suddenly struck blind, lost in the world, at once absolutely dependent on others, anxious about the future: that’s Vogt ‘s playground this time out.

In particular, the woman here fears that her partner will desert her or seek out other women on internet dating sites.  She invents a story with two forlorn lovers (her body is bound yet her imagination is free to roam) and her partner appears in this story.  Like Mommy, Blind is another troubled meditation on the resilience of human relationships.  The finitude of love, how much we care to care.

A bleak and beautiful film.