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Finale: Fliter & Figaro

Ingrid Fliter and Manchester Camerata

The Bridgewater Hall, 16 May 2015

Ingrid Fliter.  Photo by Anton Dressler

Ingrid Fliter. Photo by Anton Dressler

The closing concert of the season was a characteristically classy affair, featuring new work by a young composer and artists from the Camerata’s own Youth Forum, these being sandwiched between solid offerings (or, some may say, monumental intimidations) by Mozart and Beethoven.

The concert began with the overture to the Marriage of Figaro after which the Youth Forum performed their own inventive take on it.

Ingrid Fliter’s astonishing virtuosity during Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in B flat major, as well as in the encore, another Beethoven piece, that followed, was the highlight of the evening.  It was a salutary reminder, lest we ever forget, of just how strange, how unequalled, how unapproachable Beethoven is.

There was a sparse elegance to Jack Sheen’s Etudes, which received its premiere here.  It was fleetly followed by Mozart’s ‘Jupiter’ symphony, which left you in what can only be described as a celivagous mood.  Drifting heavenwards.

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