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Mr. Holmes

Directed by Bill Condon

UK, 2015

HOME, 20 June 2015

Mr. Holmes

That was Ian McKellen playing an aged Sherlock, afflicted by Alzheimer’s, haunted by a past case that went awfully awry.

We have a man who sees all too well the frailties and would-be deceits of others, now confronted by his own. He simply cannot fail to see his end. There is honesty and bravery and vulnerability and, flowing quietly underneath it all, a sly humour to McKellen’s portrayal, but when has this great, great actor ever let us down?

Actually, all the three principals – McKellen, Laura Linney as Mrs. Munro the housekeeper, an anxious overseer of her son’s relationship with Holmes, and Milo Parker as the son – excel. Sure, they are all fine.

It is an elegant, distinguished addition to the Holmes corpus; as elegant and distinguished, indeed, as Sir Ian himself.