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Slow West

Directed by John Maclean

New Zealand, 2015

HOME, 9 July 2015

Slow West

A Western such as Robert Louis Stevenson may have come up with.

Actually, The Master of Ballantrae has some scenes set in the New World and Stevenson also wrote about his travel experiences there in The Silverado Squatters.

What’s it about? Well, this noble Scottish lad travels to America (over ten thousand mile) to find his lady love, a girl called Rose. He hooks up with a gunman (Michael Fassbender, who makes any film worth watching) who offers to help and guide him, for a fee. In fact, the gunman has a double motive: Rose and her father are wanted, there’s a price on their head. And the gunman is a bounty hunter although not, as becomes clear, the only one.

That’s the setup and altogether it’s an inventive and entertaining Western. The black humour is ofttimes highly effective.