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Directed by Alberto Rodríguez

Spain, 2014

HOME, 24 August 2015


Spain, 1980: a country in transition.

Two detectives are sent to a provincial town to investigate the abduction, maybe murder of two teenage sisters. To dig down to the truth, they must deal with the powers that be and their hands must become both bloody and dirty.

The detectives are a mismatched pair (Javier Gutiérrez and Raúl Arévalo, terrific actors) and that’s the chief factor that makes the film so watchable. One is young, career-orientated, keen to use the new political freedoms offered him. His partner is one of Franco’s old henchmen, unable to sleep nights because of all he has done and witnessed, fatally afflicted. Predator and prey, but which is which?

It’s a very decent crime film. The scenes in the marshes brought to mind the denouement in The Mean Season, that old (and also excellent) Kurt Russell film.