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Love for Sale

Tiger Lillies

RNCM Theatre, 27 October 2015

Tiger Lillies

Not my kind of thing, though I’m sure that people who like this kind of thing will like it.

What I expected was a bunch of Cole Porter songs – just that, nothing more. It would have done me fine.

Well, they performed mostly Cole Porter songs, together with a few of their own, but this pair altered the lyrics, generally giving the songs a salacious or drug-addled flavour. Now no one could deny that such themes are present in the songs, but they are implicit, suggested. There is nuance.

Imagine seeing one of Picasso’s so-called ‘childlike’ drawings – there’s a drawing of a girl, for example, where his pen never left the page, taking him perhaps 15 seconds to complete – covered with crayon scrawls. Crayon scrawls from an actual child. Would it make the drawing better or truer? Would there be an improvement? Or would it be agony to look at? Anyway, that’s what it was like here.

Details of future tour dates of Love for Sale can be found here.