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barbarians: A Trilogy

By Hofesh Shechter

Hofesh Shechter Company

HOME, 28 January 2016

barbarians. Photo by Gabriele Zucca

barbarians. Photo by Gabriele Zucca

There are some good moments here, for example the dance sequences when the baroque music kicks in.

It could become something, maybe, if it weren’t otherwise so slow and stop-start, so talky and self-indulgent. The interview with Hofesh Shechter, a prime case in point (yes, there was an interview with the choreographer as part of the show), was excruciating to sit through. All his incoherent meanderings, those contrived ‘you knows’. In dance, speech should be used sparingly, if at all. Even good poetry is at best distracting. And Hofesh’s musings certainly weren’t poetry.

At various points the theatre was plunged into darkness, with the period of longest duration being right before the dancers reappeared naked. Why were they naked? Well, my theory would be that it was a kind of coda, a metaphor for the vacuity of the whole show along the lines of ‘the Emperor has no clothes’. But I am probably reading too much into it.

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