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The Devil Inside

Music by Stuart MacRae

Music Theatre Wales

RNCM Theatre, 16 February 2016

Steven Page as the cursed Old Man in Music Theatre Wales' The Devil Inside. Photo by Bill Cooper.

Steven Page as the cursed old man in Music Theatre Wales’ The Devil Inside, Photo by Bill Cooper.

A bottle that gives you all you desire but damns you as well.

If you can sell it to another poor soul, though, you are OK, the curse is lifted; up and away, passed on. It is a musical chairs version of Dorian Gray, kind of, written by Louise Welsh and based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s story The Bottle Imp.

What does this opera tell us about people? Well, that few can set limits on their desires, all want more, more, more. Seeing and wanting wins out most of the time, and that is our undoing. Not the most flattering portrait of human beings, but undeniably just.

Music Theatre Wales’ production of The Devil Inside is currently touring the UK.  Further details are here.