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Colin Currie

RNCM Concert Hall, 22 June 2016

Colin Currie

There is a paradox about percussion in that while it is (of course) music, it comes closest to joyously making noise: banging drums, clashing cymbals, givin’ it to gongs.

And it is true that as your eyes rest on Colin Currie, who is perhaps the world’s greatest living percussionist, you enjoy the force of his playing, the release of energy, the sweetness of sheer aggression. He has great speed, impeccable timing and an extraordinarily acute ear when it comes to rhythm. The sounds he puts in motion put you in mind of an army on the march. Left, right, left, right…

Yet that is not the full story, by any means. Elsewhere you are aware of Colin Currie’s nuance, delicacy and musical intelligence. As vibrations slowly reverberate you have a vision of birds taking flight. A slow burn as sparks ignite. You see stars fade and fall to earth.

It was an enthralling concert, with Rolf Wallin’s Realismos Magicos, performed in the second half, being the highlight.