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Captain Fantastic

Directed by Matt Ross

USA, 2016

HOME, 17 September 2016

Captain Fantastic

Apropos Chomsky: a good title for a book, an efficacious way to open a conversation.

And an apt title for this film as well.

It is about a father (Viggo Mortensen, attractive and abrasive) who raises his children in a forest. They are survivalist folk, anti-establishment, hyper-intelligent and (incidentally) they revere Noam Chomsky, even going so far as to celebrate his birthday. Yet these children are not prepared for the real world, such as it is, a world of fat people (this is America) and phone zombies and quaint, social conventions.

Family values are questioned and in the end reaffirmed – as in all American films. There is a fine performance of ‘Sweet Child o’ Mine’ – not the best song in the world, but OK. I enjoyed the film despite its incoherence, maybe because of it. Good.