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By by Laura Lindsay

Black Toffee

Hope Mill Theatre, 2 November 2016


Chance plays a key role in this astringent play about homelessness: on the throw of a dice, each actor can play one of three parts.

Anna, Beth, and C spend a night together at a train station. Anna, a career girl, has just missed her train. Beth is one of those that Nick Flynn describes as ‘the invisible homeless’; she has not yet accepted that it is happening, has happened to her. C is a street-smart survivor and has her own patch to kip down for the night: in point of fact, the other two are in it.

We were given an engaging drama of fluctuating tensions and taut dynamics. At the end, it was clear that the aleatory preamble was justified: homelessness can happen to anyone.

Parallel is touring the UK throughout November, details here.