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The Dreamed Ones

Directed by Ruth Beckermann

Austria, 2016

HOME, 27 December 2016

The Dreamed Ones

This is a curious, difficult to pigeonhole film, neither a feature nor a documentary, rather a vital hybrid of both.

Two young people, who are in fact Laurence Rupp, an actor, and Anja Plaschg, a singer-songwriter, gather in Studio 3 at the Funkhaus in Vienna – you can see Hilda Jesser’s paintings arrayed along the panelled walls – to record the letters written between Paul Celan and Ingeborg Bachmann. In between speaking and responding to the letters, they do various banal stuff: smoke cigarettes, play about with a phone (listening to James Brown, appropriately enough), show off tattoos…

Very accomplished and possessed of a sure, confident touch, The Dreamed Ones (Die Geträumten in German, an epithet used by both correspondents) is a moving film, and this due mainly to the quality of the texts: Celan, the great poet of the Holocaust, and Bachmann, another intense, fragile, painfully authentic soul too. A very worthwhile watch, though you will get most out of it if you have a good working knowledge of German, I would say.

Anja Plaschg’s website is here.

Ruth Beckermann’s  body of work is worth exploring. Lookee here.