Aurea Quartet

Carole Nash Recital Room, RNCM

19 January 2017

 Aurea Quartet

The eye is tied to the horizon but the ear is not.

Most likely not an original thought, it was evoked by listening to Schubert’s String Quartet in A minor, the final work in this evening’s concert programme. That music seemed to have been constructed out of richly textured memories, shards of cinematic images, moments of a life shared and time spilled.

Haydn’s String Quartet in C major, the first work we heard, was lovely and joyful and had just a smidgeon of melancholy. Very Viennese, it was the soundtrack to a sunny walk around Leopoldsberg and then a slice of Sachertorte and a glass of Blaufrankisch enjoyed in an outt of the way Heuriger.

As for Shostakovich’s Two Pieces, the middle one here, the first piece was full of sombre feeling while the second was, well, light – an accompaniment to a Laurel and Hardy film. You thought of brakes failing on a removal truck and it accelerating backwards down a hill, birthday celebration morphing into a custard pie fight. You saw a precarious descent from the window of a boarding house, on a rope of tied-together blankets. You looked in on a late, compromised return from a drunken spree, San and Ollie’s battle-axe wives waiting at home. And you watched the convoluted climb of a piano (ultimately unsuccessful) up three flights of stairs…

The Aurea Quartet are wonderful musicians and the concert programme was well chosen. Find out more about the Aurea Quartet here.