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Directed by Steven Cantor

UK, 2016

HOME, 16 March 2017


A very full, an enlightening and sympathetic portrait of the Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, still only 27 and with great promise still.

He was trained in Kiev and in London, a graduate of the Royal Ballet school and one of that company’s youngest ever principal dancers. Clearly an immense and maverick talent, he is someone who asks a lot of himself and of others too.

Art hurts; if you doubt it, look here at the one scene where we see Polunin in his dressing room after a performance. His feet and calves are reddened and bruised, his toes cruelly curled with cramp. You think of Michelangelo’s drawing of Christ being taken down from the cross.

A very fine documentary, and here is the famous YouTube video: