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Personal Shopper

Directed by Oliver Assayas

France, 2016

HOME, 23 March 2017
Personal Shopper

Kristen Stewart is the star of this film, so naturally she appears on screen most of the time.

The thing is, Stewart is a good actress but not an outstanding one and she cannot carry the film on her own. She is beautiful but bland. Also, we see her alone usually, riding her moped through the streets of Paris, going to or from shops, messing with her phone while on a train…

And that’s another thing. The other notable presence in the film is Stewart’s mobile phone, or to be precise its text interface. Stewart receives menacing messages from an unknown stranger (though, in truth, you can easily guess who it is), an attempt to inject suspense into what is a slow paced, lacklustre, implausible and deeply confused film.

More glamour, more horror and fear, fewer New Age guys with beards (yes, I know, there is only one) would have improved it.