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Free Fire

Directed by Ben Wheatley

UK, 2016

HOME, 5 April 2017
Free Fire

Two groups of men (and one woman) go to an abandoned factory, which is where the deal goes down.

These dissident (or maybe real) IRA types want to buy some guns (M16s preferred) and this South African poser and a black guy who he calls his ‘boy’ (an ex-panther) seem obliging enough. All goes smoothly,  then there is an altercation and a shot fired – and that’s all it takes, as Sir Mick Jagger pointed out in ‘Gimme Shelter’ and Donald Trump should take note. ‘War is just a shot away, shot away…’  It is one long gunfight from then on.

The film is a bit monotonous – I mean, you are looking at a theme with a limited set of variations – but entertaining for all that. If you like gunfights, that is. Picture guns clicking; no bullets left – scenes like that. Or think of a zombie movie with just zombies, no humans, and no one to root for. A bit nihilistic and meaningless, would you say? This, I would suggest, is that movie.