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La Novia

Directed by Paula Ortiz

Spain, 2015

HOME, 6 April 2017

La Novia

An adaptation of Lorca’s Blood Wedding, so you are looking at the story of a love triangle/vendetta set amidst Grenada’s desolate terrain.

There is a lot of symbolism here , some phallic though some not, but there is no intense or genuine passion. Perhaps it is because the actors are so clean and pretty and photogenic; even when they make love in the countryside they don’t sweat or get dirty. Their lovemaking is the very opposite of what passion, duende, should be – so hardly in the spirit of Lorca’s work. It looks like tasteful soft porn or a tourist ad: ‘Come Visit Spain’ or, better, ‘Visit Spain, Come…’

You feel throughout as though you are watching a costume drama.