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La Puerta abierta

Directed by Marina Seresesky

Spain, 2016

HOME, 4 April 2017

La Puerta abierta

We are taken to the courtyard of an apartment block where many of the tenants are prostitutes.

One woman dies, ostensibly of a drug overdose, while her daughter flees to a neighbouring flat. And the two women who live there, a mother and a daughter, one a former and the other an acting prostitute, together with another, a transgender friend, try to do what is best for the girl.

What are the options? Well, her brother is a waster and his father (who is not the girl’s father) does not want to know – it is a family dysfunctional at best. Handing her over to the police and social services is fine in principle and an upstanding citizen would likely do this without thinking, but for these women that would be washing their hands of the girl. Children placed in care are apparently no safer in Spain than Britain. She stays then, little Lyuba, with the whores protecting her from the world’s treacherous xysts.

It is a fine film, burgeoning with abrasive banter and with a bit of a fairytale flavour – not at all grim. A women’s film too – the men are either dogs or, in the case of a police officer, a puppy.