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El Mundo sigue

Directed by Fernando Fernán Gómez

Spain, 1965

HOME, 11 April 2017

El Mundo sigue

It is a tale of two sisters.

One takes the conventional path of marriage, winding up with a gambler and a no-hoper for a husband, while the other becomes a mistress to a succession of rich and powerful men. Though both women are passionate, one has a fierce catholic morality. She persecutes.

All human life is here; it is a magnificent film rich in drama and poetry. Take as an instance the scene where the husband decides to steal from his boss. He sits in a seedy stairwell dragging on a cigarette and we get to see a close-up of his face. Spasms, distortions, grotesque shapes appear as he inhales and exhales smoke. It is as though a witches’ pot were bubbling over. Or as though maggots were crawling under the surface of his skin. To steal, to become a thief, to fall low – it must come at a cost. He must become an impoverishment of the person he is. We are looking at the corruption of a man’s soul.