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Various Directors

Spain, 2016

HOME, 13 April 2017


Twelve short films set in and about San Sebastian, the European Capital of Culture 2016.

There was a chess tournament held in the port city in 1911 which took place in the Grand Casino, in what is now the City Hall.  The great Jose Raul Capablanca won it, scoring his first international victory. But these films focus on other stories.

In one, Julio Medem’s The Real Whale, Queen María Cristina, an Hapsburg, takes a boat out to see a whale. Another, Narciso by Koldo Almandoz, has a gay man travelling back in time to have sex with his younger self. The best, the most moving for me anyway, was The House of Cold by Imanol Uribe, a documentary about a shelter for homeless people. It is hard to look at people who are sometimes so desperate to please, who have had their heart kicked in by life. It is hard for me anyway. But that is what you have to do in this last film.