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After the Storm

Directed by Hirokazu Kore-Eda

Japan, 2016

HOME, 8 June 2017

After the Storm

This by way of being a Japanese film about Ryota, a guy who still carries a flame, not to mention a thunderbolt or two, for his divorced wife.

Ryota is a writer – or he was once, his last and only book having been written a decade ago – and is working as a PI, doing a spot of ‘researching’ for his next novel. It is a cushy job and it gives him a chance to spy on and stalk his ex: an unpleasant, ego-bruising experience. She finds out, naturally.

To be honest I found the film to be rather flabby and flappy, my attention akin to a poster that is somehow always falling off the wall. I was not gripped; or glued. And if the film weren’t a comedy it would be ever so slightly creepy.