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Berlin Syndrome

Directed by Cate Shortland

Australia, 2017

HOME, 14 June 2017

Berlin Syndrome

There is this young woman Clare, an Australian photographer, who  travels to Berlin for a ‘life experience’ – as many people do.

She stays in a hostel, roams around the city, winds up in a second-hand bookshop where she flicks through a book of Klimt’s paintings and drawings (which causes you to wonder: perhaps she should have gone to Vienna instead?). Her florid fling with Andi, a German guy, leads to a series of bizarre events – she just wants the sex, maybe a romance to remember, while he wants to keep her captive. And indeed, you are thinking that the film owes a lot to The Collector. The attendant horrors, for the most part suggested in the earlier film, are graphically on show in this effort, mind. It is a very dark shade of grey.

Conclusion: Perhaps not the best film to see on a first date.