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Steven Isserlis

RNCM Concert Hall, 15 June 2017

Steven Isserlis

Steven Isserlis looks like a rock star and he delivers a concert of thunderous splendour.

Here we heard works by Gyorgy Kurtag, a fine composer, framed by two Bachs, the Suite No 1 in G major and the Suite No 6 in D major. It was beautiful, brilliant, beyond compare.

Or, if a comparison is needed, it was as good as the Andras Schiff concert that I saw at the RNCM a few years ago. That too featured Bach, I recall.

This time we had the cello, that extraordinary instrument, its colours bold and bright or shrouded in shadow. Steven Isserlis made it sing and lament, tear its hair out and (you know) ride a bicycle.

A very fine evening’s music.