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Portrait of Jaco

RNCM Big Band with Laurence Cottle

RNCM Theatre, 28 June 2017

Portrait of Jaco

‘The most sublime act is to set another before you,’ so wrote William Blake.

For this concert Laurence Cottle chose to showcase the music of Jaco Pastorius, mighty magician of the bass guitar and a prime influence on his own playing. At moments Cottle showed his mastery of the instrument to great effect, but mainly this concert was an opportunity for members of the RNCM Big Band to shine.

And shine they did. There were marvellous solos from Alexander Huxley on trumpet, Dominic Degavino on piano, Caitlin Laing on saxophone and many other band members besides. Meera Maharaj on flute did a lyrical rendition of Blackbird. It sang.

This turned out to be a sublime evening all around.