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All Eyez On Me

Directed by Benny Boom

USA, 2017

HOME, 5 July 2017
All Eyez On Me

This biopic of the rapper Tupac Shakur  is perhaps a little too earnest.

You can say of him that he came out of a world of casual violence and casual misogyny, a so-called gangsta culture, and was careless with his life and the lives of others. But you must say as well that, while he was in that world, he also reported from it. He saw it plainly and described it straight (‘Kept it real’ may be the phrase I’m looking for, though I cannot do the accent ). We should be grateful for that, at least, and for the wild and infectious tunes he’s left behind.

The disconnection between the ‘civil rights generation’ and the hip-hop generation (the urban poor come from the world of The Corner) is well highlighted here, and there are strong performances throughout. Race is still a live issue in America, as Ferguson and ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests make clear. The past is not yet past.

All in all, a decent enough film.