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Directed by Wang Bing

Hong Kong, 2016

HOME, 13 July 2017


One of those films that makes you realise that art is reportage before it is anything.

This film reports on the experiences of the Ta’ang, a Burmese people fleeing fighting in that country and ending up sometimes in China. Most of the refugees are women and children; the men are absent, away killing or perhaps killed. Nights are spent around a fire, cooking simple food, mothers trying to keep their kids in line, only going to sleep once their children have nodded off. Old people without family are offered a helping hand. The women pay off smugglers, steer away from official authorities, stand up to the world. Cope with human folly and evil, as always.

Migration is our future: with war and environmental collapse on the rise, how could it be otherwise? And the migrant situation in Italy right now looks dire. Europe looks set to face another crisis as in the Summer of 2015.