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The Midwife

Directed by Martin Provost

France, 2017

HOME, 13 July 2017

The Midwife

Into Claire’s life, content with leading a dutiful existence as a midwife by profession and the mother of a twenty-something son, comes Beatrice, her father’s former mistress.

Beatrice (Catherine Deneuve) is a woman who has had the life she wanted – not something we can all say – and now the bill is due. She haggles a little – she is that kind of woman – but in the end she pays it – she is that kind of woman.

You get what the film is saying: Beatrice is a midwife too, or a catalyst anyway, she brings something into being, giving Claire (Catherine Frot) a spontaneity and a joy that she had not had before.

But it is rather a pedestrian film, very uneven throughout, though Deneuve is always worth a watch.