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Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

3 August 2017

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

You are an advocate.

Your task is to offer cause why this museum should be visited, so you begin by pointing out its comprehensive and recondite knowledge of the natural world, including under this rubric prehistoric and early man. As a consequence, it has an indispensable role in enabling the intelligent layperson, perhaps not least your listener, to acquire an orderly understanding of complex (indeed at times paradoxical) phenomena. These give probable cause to believe, or would reasonably warrant the inference, that a wonder or wonders (you are reluctant to say here ‘miracle or miracles’, because that might be thought to imply a supernatural cause or a Divine Creator) have been or are being observed in this unique universe.

And there is an exhibition, Cat’s Cradle & Lion’s Den: Nature and Art from Cranach to Klimt, on show until 8 October, if you’d just like to look at some paintings and sculptures of cats, big and small.