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Blood Simple: Director’s Cut

Directed by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen

USA, 1984

HOME, 12 October 2017

Blood Simple: Director’s Cut

The Coen’s classic crime drama is always watchable.

There is the detailed portrait of small town America, the myriad memorable set-pieces: such as the seedy PI with the knife through his hand, nailing it to the window-sill. A neo-noir ambience yet visceral and innovative scenes that you have never ever seen before.

What I picked up on this time was the way everyone is puzzled and confused, attributing false motives to those around them. It is a philosophical puzzlement almost, an uncertainty about the world in which they find themselves, and it probably owes as much to Wittgenstein as Hammett. As we now know, Ethan Coen studied the Austrian in some depth when at Princeton.


A very fine film indeed.