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The Inertia Variations

Directed by Johanna St Michaels

UK, 2017

HOME, 24 October 2017
 The Inertia Variations

This film chronicles some days in the life of Matt Johnson of The The.

We learn what he is up to now, together with something of his family background, and in due course he writes a new song which we see him perform. It is a bit one-sided or preachy when it comes to politics: Johnson has certain pet interviewees whose views genrerally chime with his own. One trope, prevalent througout: we are lied to by the MSM and so have a distorted view of the world. Chomsky, and Trump too come to think of it, would likely agrree with that. Now that is an encounter I would dearly like to see happen.

A decent enough documentary with a subdued, slow-burn charm.