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Directed by Thomas McCarthy

USA, 2015

HOME, 30 January 2016


This film charts the The Boston Globe’s ground-breaking investigation into paedophile Catholic priests and the Church’s attempt, for so long successful, to cover it up.

We have seen films like this before – All the President’s Men being the exemplar of the genre – and so all know the floor-plan, more or less. But what gives Spotlight an added edge is the recognition that, along with other institutions, The Boston Globe also looked the other way, was complicit in the cover-up. Without this it would just be righteous reporters fighting to get at the truth, their integrity corruption-proof.

There are solid performances from the likes of Michael Keaton, undergoing something of a career renaissance since Birdman, Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams, but best of all is Stanley Tucci as an Armenian lawyer. He gives a vivid portrait of a man who’s worldly, shrewd, elusive and substantive. An unlikely hero.